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Authentic Chinese cuisine made with fresh ingredients


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I love this place. It's the first Chinese restaurant I've found in my area that actually makes REAL fried rice (aka white rice fried in a pan instead of some yellow-colored instant rice thing). The food is also light and never overly greasy, more like how a Chinese family might actually cook for themselves instead of the usual slathered-on sauces of most American Chinese food places (though that can be good too). They're also pretty quick in getting here even though I'm a couple miles away. Overall, it's the best choice for Chinese delivery in the Ditmas/Flatbush area, I'd say.


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I've ordered from Szechuan Garden three times in the last two weeks now. I have been on the search for a quality, healthy, affordable take out Chinese place in Park Slope for years. Thanks to Grub Hub, I found it. Their food is really fantastic! Freshness and adherence to providing a healthy meal are apparent in their product; even the Lo Mein when I felt like going a bit more junk food was lite and fresh. Food is delivered fast and hot! I will never order from another Chinese place in this neighborhood again. Szechuan Garden is the bomb!!!!


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After eating food from Szechuan Garden, I felt just like I do after eating normal food. No headaches, no sweating, no stomach aches, and I wasn't hungry again ten minutes later. It's delicious and doesn't ruin my night? Victory! I like the tofu and broccoli, the sweet and sour chicken (it's very different than other ones I've had, none of that wet doughy stuff between the fried goodness and the chicken), the veggie fried rice, and the vegetable spring rolls. The tofu vegetable soup is bland but fresh and high quality.


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I feel lucky that this restaurant will deliver to my side of the park in Crown Heights. I was putting off ordering from Szechuan Garden because the prices are a lot higher than some of the places that are much closer to me, but it turns out it is well worth the additional cost. The food is far, far better than any place that I've found so far in my neighborhood. Thank you.


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Oh my goodness! This food is so good (yes, I'm actively eating it as I type this). I'm always super apprehensive before ordering Chinese food, but this place did not disappoint. The flavors are great, too. I also live on the cusp of Lefferts Gardens and Crown heights and the delivery guy was still earlier than the expected time. OH, they included fortune cookies!!!!

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I get this place pretty often. I've tried many Chinese takeout places in park slope and this one is hands down the best and my go-to. Delicate flavors without being the least bit pretentious. Try the steamed szechuan pork dumplings. I could probably eat an entire bucket of them. The signature beef filets with spicy sesame sauce are a personal favorite of mine. Delicious. They have a beefy flavor, with a little bit of a chew if that's what you're into. I am. The general Tsos with brown rice is another on point dish. if you're craving good old school Chinese takeout kicked up a notch, try this place. I spoke so much about the food that I forgot to mention anything else. solid and consistent food, prompt delivery and friendly service.


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Chinese food in NYC (outside of Chinatown) and in the US is generally, weird miscellaneous amorphic blanched weird veggies with street meat cooked in faux garlic powder, MSG and corn starch sauce. This place is actually good! the best you will get if you're not paying a ton of money for the real deal that the Chinese keep to themselves. They deliver incredibly quickly, they don't use the crappy ingredients you'll get on Nostrand ave ( anonymous vegetables and ?? meat). It's delicious! Low fat? No. Maybe try something steamed. But if you're going full calorie Chinese, at least make it high quality with some nuance. Go here, and try the double cooked pork belly dish and the dumplings.


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Always tasty, I like the dried tofu with pork, its spicy as hell but I love it. Also the steamed szechuan dumplings are one of my go-to items. Cold noodles not bad, worth a try but not exceptional (nicely spicy though!). Fried szechuan dumplings are really good, also spicy. "American" chinese food is pretty good here but not the forte necessarily. All of the simple dishes (chicken with green beans etc) are well prepared. Definitely one of my favorite Chinese food places ever. Update - they raised the prices on everything recently. Kind of a bummer, so I tend to order a little less than before, but it's still good food.


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I love this restaurant. I probably order from here at least once a week. My staples include their dan dan noodles, the Szechuan fried rice, the singapore noodles. the steamed szechuan pork dumplings, and the chengdu dumplings. I love the red oil that the dumplings come in! I ask for the Szechuan fried rice to be extra spicy, and it is wonderful and not greasy like the standard Chinese fried rice. The best part is that delivery usually comes within 15 minutes.


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I love this place, which is why I will continue to give it 5 stars even though my last order was barely a 1 star. I'm hoping that it was just a once off/bad cooking day? I ordered my usual wonton soup and it was just basically bones (which I have pictures of) sharp, fatty bones. It's usually a nice cut of meat with no fat or bones included, which is why I always reorder and rate them 5 stars. Because up until today, they have been.

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